The Twitter Pin Icon and how it helps boost Automatic Likes

News 08:11 November 2019:

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Twitter is more of a professional social network than it is a personal social forum. People rarely tweet about their private lives, unless it’s really necessary. Selfies are also welcome, but most people use twitter to engage with their professional social network. If you own a business or blog therefore, this is the network to spend more time on. One powerful but very rarely used feature of twitter is the tweets’ “pin” it icon.

The “pin” is not just an icon. It is a powerful icon that lets you promote the best of your tweets to your followers. Once you pin a tweet, it stays at the top of all other tweets you ever post, which makes everyone who sees your profile see it. The pin it icon is therefore a great way to market your blog or business with posts that will spark a lot of engagement with your followers. To pin a tweet, go the post you want pinned, click the ”…” icon, and then accept to “pin it to your profile page” message. The pinned tweets as research has showed attract lots of automatic likes for as long as they stay pinned.